June 8, 2015

An Overview of the Happy Apps' Dashboard

Written by Gen

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The Dashboard provides a quick overview of the health and status of your checks and apps. The first thing we show are four key metrics: Status, Availability, Response Time, and Open Incidents.


Quick Overview of Status, Availability, Response Time and Open Incidents

Status is an icon representing the overall health of your apps and checks. This icon will reflect the worst status of your apps. For example, if you have one red app and the rest green, the overall status will be red. More information about the meaning of the status indicator can be found below.

Availability is a percentage reflecting the average uptime across your apps and checks. By default, availability is calculated over a 30 day range, but this value can be changed in the account preferences. A couple rules are taken into account when calculating uptime:

  • Only apps and checks configured to affect availability are used in the average.
  • Availability is only considered down when the status of an app or check is Sad (red). Warning (yellow) means something may be down, but due to redundancy there is no downtime for a user.

Response Time is the average of the latest response time values for all your checks and apps.

Open Incidents is a counter showing how many incidents are currently still open in your account. These incidents will also be listed out below in the dashboard.

Below these metrics are a breakdown of your apps and checks, and how many are in various states. Clicking these counts will take you to a page listing exactly which app/checks makeup the selected count.

Next is a list of any incidents that are currently open. This section will be hidden if there are no open incidents to report. Clicking on any incident will take you to the details page for that incident.


The status icon is a health indicator that can be in one of four possible states:

  •  Happy - All checks are passing, everything is great.
  •  Warning - There are two ways a status can be in a warning state. 1) A check has recently failed, but is now passing and is still in recovery. It takes 10 passes before a failed check is considered recovered. 2) A check is currently failing, but due to redundancy there are no outages. Redundancy is setup via groups
  •  Sad - Checks are failing and currently there is an outage. 
  • Unknown - No checks have run yet, still awaiting a valid health status.

Apps & Checks

The Dashboard also has sections at the top for Apps and Checks. 



These pages list out the statuses of your apps and checks respectively

By default, the lists are sorted by status with any failing checks at the top. Clicking on an app or check will take you straight to the relevant details page.




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