June 4, 2015

Web Checks, Push Checks, and Slack Integration Oh My!

Written by David

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Lately we've been working hard to bring some great new features to Happy Apps! We have been listening to your feedback for needed features and improvements that help make Happy Apps a capable and simple experience.

Enhanced Web Hooks

Most of our users are taking advantage of our highly reliable web checks. These work great for basic GET requests, but what about POST or PUT requests? Today we have added the ability to create advanced web request settings for both POST, and PUT. These features include:

  • Custom Request Headers
  • Custom Request Body
  • Added PUT Method
  • Simplified Text matching

Push Checks

Happy Apps supports a very diverse set of check types allowing users to check things that previously were not possible with cloud based solutions like us. We are excited to announce the addition of the Push Check. The Push check works differently than a standard check type in that we dont ever run this check. Instead you, the user, are responsible for posting updates as to the status of this check. Simply create a new check of the Push Check type to receive an API Key along with instructions on how to send status updates to the check. Note: The check interval is important in that if happy apps does not hear from you within 2 times the check interval, the check is marked as failed and an incident is opened up. 

Push check

We think this is a great new check type that enables users to create very powerful monitoring solutions.


Slack Integration!

I'm sure some users are screaming, "It's about Time!". This has been a very common request and we are happy to announce the first cut of our slack web hook integration. Simply add an incoming web hook integration on your slack account. Visit the Admin->Contacts section of Happy Apps and add a new slack contact; Pasting in the url provided by slack. Now that you have a contact, add it to any of your Alert Rules to fully customize which hooks are triggered for different apps, checks , and groups.

If you are new happy apps , signup here for a free account and check us out. As always we highly value our user feedback so feel free to contact us at any time.