May 6, 2015

Monitoring Uptime for MySQL Databases Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

Written by Gen

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There's no better way to keep tabs on the availability of your MySQL database than to use the clean, clear interface of the HappyApps monitoring service. With HappyApps you can create custom database checks in just seconds and control how, when, and to whom the checks report when connection problems occur. You're also provided with a graphical view of your database's response times, and a complete log of all outages and other glitches.

There aren't many organizations that can get away with relying on a single flavor of database to accommodate all their data-management needs. Among the mix of DBMSs in use at any company, you're almost certain to find MySQL, which continues to trail only Oracle in DB-Engines' monthly database ranking.

The HappyApps service lets you monitor your MySQL database uptime quickly, simply, and completely. To do so, start by creating a MySQL Check: choose the Checks tab at the top of the main HappyApps screen, and then select the Add Check button on the right side of the window.



Monitoring the uptime of a MySQL database begins by creating a new check via the Add Check button on the HappyApps Checks screen. Source: HappyApps.

In the New Check window that opens, select MySQL Check on the Type drop-down menu under the Check Info tab. Enter a name for the check and choose an interval on the next drop-down. The default interval is 5 minutes, but you can choose one of the other nine increments that range from 10 minutes to 3 hours. Next, choose one of the three options on the Max Severity drop-down: Critical, Warning, or Info (the default is Critical). If you would like to exclude the check from alerts, uncheck the In Availability option.

When you create a MySQL check in HappyApps, you name the check, set the check interval, and select one of three severity levels. Source: HappyApps.

MySQL Check required fields are host, port, db name, user, and password. Since queries will be run against the database, it's best to limit credentials to read-only access. The Query field in the Check Criteria section of the window lets you enter a SQL query that will be executed against the database. If you'd like to compare the query result against specific value, use the Operator and Check Result fields. Operator options are Less Than, Equal, and Greater Than. Both the query and Check Result should be a single number to allow a proper comparison.

Two principal benefits of the Check Criteria options are the ability to determine not only that the database is up, but also that it is able to run queries. The query results are logged in the Last Metric value, which is useful for tracking query results over time.

View your database's uptime info by opening the Check Details

HappyApps offers a complete record of your database's uptime via the Check Details window. To access the information, choose the check name in the main Checks window. At the top of the window are the status icon, availability percentage, response time, and number of open incidents. Below this are the check stats, check details, and a chart showing past response-time results.

The Check Details window provides a snapshot of your database's uptime, response time, and incidents. Source: HappyApps.

The History section of the Check Details screen displays the results of past checks, including status, date checked, response time, last metric, and message. Below the History you'll find the results for any Groups the check is associated with.

Lock down your database connection via SSH tunneling

Whenever you establish an external connection to your database, security becomes a concern. HappyApps supports SSH tunneling to encrypt the data traveling over the connection: from the check's hostname to its credentials. To enable encryption, select the SSH Tunneling tab in the New Check window and check the Enable SSH Tunnel option.

Encrypt the connection to your MySQL database by enabling SSH tunneling in the New Check window. Source: HappyApps.

All keys generated by HappyApps, whether public or private, are RSA 2048 bit. Each account includes a single key pair that can be used for any check, but you can also generate a new pair. Doing so requires that you update the key on all servers on which the old key was entered. Alternatively, you can use an agent to perform server checks. The agent polls HappyApps for checks that need to be run and relays all check results. You control when the agent runs or stops to help prevent unauthorized access to your servers.

HappyApps is the only app-management service to support SSH and agent-based connectivity to all your apps on public, private, and hybrid clouds. The service provides dependency maps for determining the impact your IT systems will have on other apps. All checks performed on your apps are collected in easy-to-read reports that can be analyzed to identify repeating patterns and performance glitches over time. If you're looking for ways to save time, trouble, and money when managing your apps, visit the HappyApps site for pricing information and to sign up for a free trial.

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