April 13, 2015

Is Your Monitoring System Overwhelming You With Too Many Alerts?

Written by Gen

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Over the past few years there has been an explosion of new application and system monitoring tools. Yet companies still experience a void in regards to knowing the correct and meaningful status of their core business services and systems. They have invested heavily in monitoring systems like Nagios, New Relic, App Dynamics, etc. These Monitoring systems do provide a valuable service but are either too expensive or too noisy. By noisy I mean they just generate a constant stream of alerts that simply overwhelms the user and makes it difficult for them to identify an incident that genuinely requires their attention.

According to an IT executive at a publicly traded company who uses Nagios "on an average day, my email box is flooded with over 200 alerts, majority of which are completely unnecessary since they are simply repeating the issue with a system or service that has already been identified". He states, "due to this, its difficult to identify which alerts genuinely require his attention vs. what’s noise".

Other monitoring systems are overwhelming the user with too much data. They are flooding their monitoring screen with data charts for CPU usage, memory, IO, etc. But doesn't tell them if their core systems and services are meeting and delivering on the required Service Level Agreement (SLA). Most DevOps and IT orgs are looking for a service that provides them with a status of their core systems and services they can consume in an easy to understand format. They want to know at a macro level if their systems and services are performing according to the stated SLAs, or if there is an issue they need to be concerned about.

HappyApps was built to address these concerns. It’s a next generation cloud based monitoring service that delivers real-time status for your core Apps, DBs, and IT systems. It's unique noise reduction technology only delivers meaningful & pro-active alerts that require your attention.


HappyApps enables users to:

  • Setup Meaningful & Easy to Understand Dashboard. Users get an overall status and real-time visibility across all their Apps and Business Services. HappyApps clearly displays open incidents and issues that requires attention.
  • Setup Monitoring Checks in Under a Minute. These include MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, MS SQL Server, RabbitMQ, Web Servers, Socket, Redis, Riak, & ElasticSearch. Users have the ability to define custom checks for each system they want to monitor.
  • Group & Monitor Multiple Systems and Services.  Only service to offer App Grouping Hierarchy with system dependency and impact. Users have the ability to group multiple systems (DBs, App Servers, Web Servers, Messaging Queue, etc.) under one App and monitor them collectively. HappyApps displays an overall status of the App for the user along with the status for each member of the group.
  • Setup Pro-active Alerts. Users can set up alerts (SMS & Email) for notification on issues with their core apps or IT systems. HappyApp’s sophisticated noise reduction technology eliminates false positives and group incidents that are related under a single alert. Thus reducing the total number of alerts that are sent to the user.
  • Mute Apps & IT Systems. Users have the ability to mute systems that have known issues or are undergoing maintenance. HappyApps doesn’t send any alerts to users for systems that are on “Mute”. This further reduces noise and unnecessary alerts.
  • Retain Check History. HappyApps, based on the user plan, retains check history from 7 days up to 2 years. This enables users to get visibility and historical analysis on the performance of their systems. Data can also be exported to an external file or system.

HappyApps is designed to work with Apps and Systems that reside in On-Premise servers, Public, & Private clouds. HappyApps supports both SSH and Agent based connectivity. You can start monitoring your systems for FREE with HappyApps by setting up an account at http://www.happyapps.io

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